Trends and Innovations

  • It seems like an elementary question really. The planet is warming because carbon dioxide is remaining trapped in a ceiling above Earth. It’s a fair question, why does it create a ceiling? Why doesn’t it just keep going and going and leave our atmosphere? I found an excellent article on this topic, which includes a… Continue reading

  • Many of us have very busy lives: full-time brain-draining jobs, kids in organized sports, house chores, a little vacay time slipped in on weekends. We don’t have the free time to be climate activists or even join a group dedicated to slowing down an over-heated planet. But, almost everyone has the very little time it… Continue reading

  • I hope you will join me on a new journey in which we explore and share news of inventions, projects, products, efforts and possibilities in our world which now clearly and strongly includes focus on minimizing the bad effects of a changing climate the result of outdated human technology. This is a new path, a… Continue reading

About Me

Preston Brady III is a writer based in Alabama. He attended City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State majoring in philosophy. He was a writer for the San Francisco Tenderloin Times and enjoys world travel, animals, the beach, walking, herb gardening and cooking.